Terms of use

Things you should read if you want to use our services.


This service and its system store anonymous (except when you are logged in) statistics and data provided by the user from registration until unregistration. With registration user commit understanding terms and conditions of Filtr. and allows the service and the website to show their data to other users or 3rd-parties. All user owns the right, anytime to unregister from Filtr. (except in case of system shutdown or critical error). With unregistration some user data (including avatar, cover photo, encrypted passwords, access keys) will be removed permanently. If you decide to unregister your account, the services and applications you enabled will be noticed that you are no longer a member, but they do not have to remove your data they have.

We may ask for some personal data to verify you, but we will never ask for your password or private keys.

How to unregister

You can not remove or disable your Filtr. user account, however you can remove all the allowed applications, so nobody will be able to access any of your data. Your password is encrypted in a way that it is impossible to decrypt. If you don't believe this, feel free to change your password to some random thing and forget about it.

More about data protection / use

We will not use data provided by you for advertisements or other revenue-generating activities. Data that we do not need in readable format are stored as hashes and it is impossible to decrypt. Some applications may get some data from Filtr. like: ID, name, user name, email address, last profile update, activation time, timezone, avatar, cover, other data (stored by the application on Filtr.'s end).

Cookie policy

Filtr. use some cookies for optimal operation. These contain session information, logins and in multi-user use the currently active users identification number. In some cases there are "codeparts" that can use cookies for storing settings and such.

On sites that utilize Filtr. and it's "codeparts" functionality, you may see a banner that prompts you to accept cookies for optimal use. The accept button may have a built-in countdown timer that will "Press" the accept button after the counter reaches 1. If you do not want to accept them, leave the site as soon as possible before the countdown ends.

If you accept the cookies while you are logged in, this setting will be stored in your user profile and you will not be able to change it. Keep this in mind!

Click the following link if you want to know how to remove cookies: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-delete-cookies-2617981

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